"Sounds uncannily like David Bowie in good form." Tony Clayton Lea, the Irish Times.

"The Dublin Bowie Festival gave a lot of love and dedication to the Bowie Legacy.It was a special weekend. 

 David would be proud." Gerry Leonard, David Bowie's guitarist and band leader. 

Dublin Bowie Festival 2016 

January 8th - 10th 2016 we were playing alongside Bowie's guitarist and band leader Gerry Leonard as the headline of the Dublin Bowie Festival. I was thinking in the early hours how it would be hard to top the weekend as it was an incredible experience to work with Gerry. But only hours later, by 7 am we were brought crashing down to earth with the news David Bowie had left the world. People who attended the festival from abroad and were still here in Dublin and contacted us through Facebook to say they would like to meet up with other fans and a gathering was arranged in The Grand Social. We were on the Joe Duffy show that afternoon to talk about the festival and the shock of Bowie's death. News media arrived in the evening and we played a few Bowie songs to the mourning crowd and it went out on the national news stations. Gerry was still in town and he too arrived at the venue, we all found some consolation being there with others who were trying to come to terms with his passing.

                                                  April 15th 2015 Bowie's Piano Man Grand Social 

The night before, we had a live show at top Dublin music venue, The Grand Social, in celebration of the work of Mike Garson - Official with David Bowie. Clifford was interviewed on stage by Roisin Dwyer of Hot Press Magazine, whose questions showed a deep understanding and knowledge, as well as passion for the subject. We screened a filmed message from Mike Garson and I accompanied some great singers doing acoustic interpretations of Bowie: Peter Quinn of Rebel Rebel, Brian Brody, Johnny Rayge, Dave Mc Guinness...it was a fantastic night, with John Brereton, Paul Duane, John Robb, Brian Montague, Joyce Montague, Han Monty and many others..!  Clifford Slapper renowned pianist and author of Bowie's Piano Man.

 Strange Fascination? A Symposium on David Bowie

University of Limerick, October 26th - 28th 2012.

This three day symposium focused on the ‘major contribution’ iconic rock star David Bowie has made to popular culture. The Popular Music and Popular Culture Research Cluster at UL welcomed conference delegates from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, and North America. The symposium also featured a performance by Bowie tribute band Rebel, Rebel at Dolan’s Warehouse Limerick and an exhibition of fan art and original artwork by David Bowie at UL.

 "RebelRebel were the highlight of the first ever David Bowie Symposium. They convincingly reproduced the key  phases of Bowie's musical career. They rocked Limerick!"
 Dr. Eoin Devereux, Co-Organiser, Strange Fascination: A Symposium on David Bowie, University of Limerick,  2012

 "Normally we don't go near 'tribute' bands but Rebel Rebel deserve a badge of honor for attempting Low, Heroes  and Lodger!"
 The Ticket, Irish Times, on our "Best of Bowie's Berlin Trilogy" gig.

 "Rebel Rebel, the Bowie Tribute Band were outstanding at The Purty Loft last night - close your eyes and The Thin White Duke was in the room. Truly accomplished musicians, particularly lead guitar, ensured a great  night's entertainment, even for non
Bowie fans."  Myra Jago http://www.myrajago.com
 "No one does Bowie as good as these guys and I've seen most of the tributes and I've seen Bowie!" P. Flynn

 "We came down here tonight not knowing what to expect, you know, no one does Bowie, but that was epic, you  blew us away I would have paid 50 quid to see that show." The Purty Loft. 
 Grand Social Bowie Birthday Bash Jan 12th 2013
 "Brilliant gig Saturday lads - best tribute band I've ever seen. You absolutely rocked the place!"  F.  O'Neill  
 You people!! Rebel Rebel last night was one of THE best gigs ever! Already looking forward to the next one! 
L.  Clonan via Facebook.

 BowieWonderworld.com  Re: Rebel Rebel Tribute Band...
 November 6 2011, 12:51 AM 
 They where on top form and played all the hits,highlights for me where Always Crashing..., Ashes to Ashes and  Survive. Brilliant band and a great night ,highly recommended.